We provide your business with a wide range of services in the field of metal constructions.


Presently enjoying a surge in demand, metal adds a greater dimension and beauty to any construction and allows a multiplicity of options. Whilst the typical portico structure is the most commonly used, the variety of profiles and methods of assembling allow for the most versatile constructions. The surface treatments of the varied forms of steel enjoy today a highly advanced level, guaranteeing durability in a material that already has a high level of resistance. Since experience also has an influence in the development of construction, today we know that the use of metal structures incurs fewer costs and a faster execution, making it the best investment for the future.


The success of companies is, among other aspects, dependent on their image. Caring about image begins with the premises, where the cladding of exterior facades can reflect the company’s size and vitality. Just like roofing, the most varied solutions also exist for vertical cladding, from smooth, ribbed or undulating isothermal panels, to simple panels without insulation or cladding with resin boards, especially indicated to enhance the architecture, whether inside or outside.


For many years the method of constructing roofs was dominated by traditional ceramic roof tiles complemented with boards of thermal insulation combined with screed. Nowadays, the option of the so called sandwich panels dispenses of the need for roof screeds, allowing roofs to be constructed with less slant, making more use of the space and allowing the thermal insulation and finishing to be executed all at the same time, whenever the structure is left visible. The advantage of sandwich panels lies in their fast application, their great durability and the variety of types and colors of finishing making them a flexible option for architectural design in office buildings or homes.


Used essentially for its modern aspect, metalwork in stainless steel has the advantage of being durable and easy to maintain. Railings and coatings in stainless steel lend a touch of sophistication wherever they are used, whether as guards for balconies or outside areas or for inside environments, without ever losing their clean and modern look.